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unny Man Mike Cotayo is a comedic force to be reckoned with, known for his ability to command the stage and leave audiences in fits of laughter.

What sets Mike apart is not just his remarkable comedic talent, but also his indomitable spirit and determination to succeed in spite of his challenges. As a comedian with cerebral palsy, he defies expectations and showcases the power of humor to transcend physical limitations.

With a distinctive blend of silly, smart, and dark humor, Mike has perfected the art of delivering jokes that not only tickle funny bones but also elicit uncontrollable snorts and snarfs from unsuspecting spectators. Once you experience his comedic prowess, you'll be captivated and eager for more, marveling at the sheer brilliance of his performance.

At the young age of 24, Mike Cotayo's talent was thrust into the spotlight when he competed and emerged victorious at Amateur


Night at The Apollo. This pivotal moment served as a turning point, solidifying his conviction to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. Despite facing the daily challenges posed by cerebral palsy, Mike's unwavering determination fueled his journey. In 2005, he began gracing the stage at The Laugh Factory in Times Square, taking his comedic aspirations to new heights. His remarkable talent and ability to connect with audiences ultimately led to his inclusion in The Short Bus Comedy Tour. Along the way, Mike's appearances on XM's "The Opie & Anthony Show" garnered him a dedicated following, with one unforgettable encounter illustrating the impact he has on his fans. While patiently waiting for the bathroom, a devotee approached Mike, expressing that they had driven two-and-a-half hours solely to see him perform. Flattered yet taken aback, Mike's unique blend of humor left an indelible mark on the fan, prompting them to seek him out in person.


The stage is where Mike Cotayo truly feels at home. His performances are characterized by an electric energy and a quick-wittedness that effortlessly captivates audiences. Once he steps onto the stage, all preconceived notions are shattered as he fearlessly taps into the crowd's energy, creating an atmosphere brimming with laughter and joy. Mike's comedic genius knows no bounds, and even he cannot predict the comedic gems that will flow from his mouth. Renowned comedian Baron Vaughn aptly dubbed him 'The Paula Poundstone of his Comedy Generation,' not only for his spontaneity and connection with audiences, but also for his unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. Mike Cotayo, the Funny Man with cerebral palsy, is a testament to the power of perseverance, proving that laughter has the ability to break down barriers and unite us all.


Funny Man Mike Cotayo is a comedic tour de force, an inspiration to both aspiring comedians and individuals facing their own challenges. With his unique perspective and unyielding spirit, he delivers an unforgettable night of laughter and entertainment, leaving audiences in awe and proving that humor knows no limits.


Baron Vaugh (Gracie & Frankie) has dubbed him 'The Paula Poundstone of his Comedy Generation,' less for the drinking problem, and more for the spontaneity with audiences.

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